Top American Ninja Warriors

Preparation and Skills

Top American Ninja Warriors


American Ninja Warrior is the reality obstacle racing show in the USA. It is currently aired on NBC channel and is in the ninth season. The Top American Ninja Warriors challenge themselves and push their limits to race on the toughest obstacle courses.

Thousands of participants from the nation apply for the competition every season. Only a few hundred are selected for the qualifying courses in host cities. The top few qualifiers are sent to the Las Vegas national finals. The national finals is divided in to four stages and competitors find hard just to reach stage 3. Only a few completed the Stage 4 of the Mount Midoriyama and the show saw only one winner in all the eight seasons so far.

The top ninjas who participate in the show are pursuing the challenges and are competing in multiple seasons. The top American Ninja Warriors are rising up to the challenges before, during, and after the show as well. The ninjas have unique set of skills and a lot of preparation goes in to acquiring those skills.

Top American Ninja Warriors Competition Show


Top American Ninjas prepare well ahead for the show. They are naturally inclined toward workouts and fitness. The ninjas are training in the gym or outdoors for keeping their body ready for the competition. Inspired ninjas are planning ahead for the future seasons by incorporating a fitness regime in their daily lives.

Analyzing past shows and fastest times is an important activity to prepare for the American Ninja Warrior show. Some of the obstacles have common skills required and the players are preparing the strategies to race through those obstacles. Top ninjas set up similar race courses in their backyards or visit the nearest obstacle race course venues for training.

Aspiring top American Ninja Warriors follow the fan posts and updates. The warriors do visit the qualifying sites and host cities. Several do attend the taping of the show and if possible test the obstacle courses during the testing period.

Top ninjas keep themselves engaged in positive activities and are surrounded with a supporting system of family and friends. Warriors network with other people who share the same passion and excitement.

Top American Ninja Warriors Preparation


American Ninja Warrior show is mostly taped during the night and the players are required to take the finals in the odd hours. Top ninjas also train themselves to keep fit during the odd hour workouts. Also, the players do wait a lot for their turn in the show taping. The players are required possess mental ability to keep calm and perform during the high stress environment.

Top American Ninja Warriors Skills

Balancing the physical and emotional stress is a key skill for the players. Focusing most on the task ahead is needed for the top ninjas to excel. Since the players get only one chance to prove themselves, they have to be highly organized and present in the moment. Top ninjas must keep faith in themselves and the training they took for the show and master the obstacle courses.

Top American Ninja Warriors constantly work by participating in other versions of the show such as All Stars Ninja, Team Ninja Warrior, Wolfpack Ninja Warrior, and so on. The show takes years of practice, preparation, and a lot of mental strength. Top ninjas are required to have certain skills including:

  • Climbing: Many obstacles involve climbing and the players are expected to master the skill
  • Running: The courses are small but running improves overall body balancing on different levels
  • Jumping: Many obstacles have players jumping off boards to reach the next course
  • Hanging: Hanging on to the bars or ropes is a mandatory skill for top ninjas
  • Balancing: Players do balance their body weight on limited spaces and complete the courses
  • Believing: Self confidence and faith in their skills is a must for top ninja warriors.

Top Ninjas

Top American Ninja Warriors are pushing themselves to achieve the impossible. The players are perceived to be having super powers for finishing the courses. All the players have equal chance of proving themselves as all race against the same obstacle course in the competition. Players are ranked based on the qualified points and overall standings. However, viewers have their individual top ninja warriors depending on the athlete's performance and/or inspiring stories.

Top Male ANW

  1. Isaac Caldiero
  2. Geoff Britten
  3. Paul Kasemir
  4. Flip Rodriguez
  5. Travis Rosen
  6. James McGrath
  7. Brian Arnold
  8. Brent Steffensen

Top Female ANW

  1. Kacy Catanzaro
  2. Jessie Graff
  3. Natalie Duran
  4. Meagan Martin
  5. Jesse Labreck
  6. Nika Muckelroy
  7. Tiana Webberley
  8. Michelle Warnky

Top ninja warriors are mostly mountain climbers, stunt people, gym owners, professional athletes, fashion models, and so on who are dedicated to extreme fitness. Most make a living out of their fitness and expertise and coach other players. The ninjas set up training centers with the show themed obstacle courses for future practices. Some run the training centers to train other players who have similar interests. The Top American Ninja Warriors always stay in touch with the show in some way or the other and continue being awesome ninjas. Veteran ninjas are always valued for their experience and insights in the races.